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About Us

Mohit Industries with its fine quality and wide range of products, intervene and fulfill the need of our customers. We are one of the leading manufacturers of products like FLANG, PROPELLER SHAFF, THREE WHEELER COMPONENT and THREE WHEELER FLANGE which primarily uses in three wheelers. We are multi skilled manufacturer with a big reputation, our products are known for their precise dimension, compact size and sturdiness. Our built culture continues to grow from strength to strength with our main aim to confirm the requirement of our customers.

Creativity is another critical element, which enables us to excel in this industry, and our engineers are always on their toes to make sure that new ideas are not only welcomed but also carried out. Being creative also shows us the loopholes of the process that, not all the ideas are suitable until they have tested.

We do not have capricious management, but a steadfast one. our stable management keeps a close eye on the process, and our professional engineer works very hard on it.

We are continuing with our efforts to create a professional atmosphere, apart from creating a professional atmosphere, we have achieved some rare milestone that is incomparable in the industry and are proud of them.

In other words, we are not only established but also, recognized the industry in the market and our professionals and technocrats, have been manufacturing products for the last 20 years.

There are two important components in three-wheelers, Flange, and propeller shaft, which play an important role in transmission, as well as in rotation. It connects gearbox to the final drive gears of the vehicle through universal joints and serves as drive shaft. we know the importance of them and thus makes them by giving our best with the help of our professionals. we wants to take this market to some other extent with our hard work and new inventions.